Work Injuries

Below is information that your employer and employer's referred work injury clinic will fail to let you know.

It is imperative that an employee report the injuries sustained on the job immediately to their supervisor and HR department and fill out a accident report. Once filled out, most employers will require the employee to be seen by a large medical clinic of the employers choosing. Careful, know your right to choose a physician!

These work injury mills do not have your best interests as their priorities. Bottom line, they work for the employer, and it is in the clinics best interests to get you locked in with them due to a second office visit. Their main goal is to fulfill a time line, regardless if you are 100% well or not.

These clinics will fail to let you know that you have the right to choose your Physician after the first initial visit. As a injured employee you only have to go to the clinic of their choosing and be checked out, after that you have the freedom to choose the the type of treatment you would like to have whether it be chiropractic or medical. If you return to that clinic or physician a second time, that physician becomes your attending physician. The good news is your can choose your attending physician who can be a Doctor of Chiropractic or Medical Doctor.

The only exception is if your employer is self-insured you must follow the self-insured employer's directed care program. To find out if your employer is self insured, please contact the Arizona Industrial Commission claims division at: 602-542-4661
If you want to change Physician's after the second visit, you will need to fill out a change of attending physician form. Dr. Wright has these forms in office and is very familiar with the process.

Dr. Wright treats work injuries from start to finish with thorough chiropractic and rehabilitation protocols to ensure that each patient is ready to get back to work when the patient is ready and able.

Dr. Wright's puts his patients first, not the Insurance company or the Employer. He understands the healing process while tailoring the treatments to the patient and not the patients to the treatment.

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