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If You're In Pain...

There are four things you should know before you Choose a Chiropractor...

  1. 66% of people with spinal problems are unaware that they have a problem. If you’re in pain, your body is screaming for swift and expert treatment.

  2. Back pain is second only to childbirth as the reason for hospitalization. However, recent studies conclude that medical procedures (traction, Braces, pain killers, surgery) are largely ineffective and that spinal manipulation has been shown to be one of the few effective methods for relief of back pain.

  3. Expert treatment of the spine can boost immunity, improve body functions and even increase brain function. Since the central nervous system travels through the Spine, a multitude of seemingly unrelated problems can be affected by a mis-aligned spinal column.

  4. Be sure to choose a chiropractic office where the doctor takes time to meet with you personally and let them explain their background and attitudes toward patient care. Also, let them explain how they evaluate patient progress.
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